Monday, August 4, 2008

McCain on School Choice

Sen. John McCain had an op-ed published today in the New York Daily News. Most of it was great, while other parts were mostly meaningless rhetoric. Here are some excerpts:

"Beyond that, the education debate divides quickly into two camps. Some say all that's needed is more taxpayer money, along with more prekindergarten and after-school programs. Others believe that the basic structure of the education system is flawed, and that fundamental reform is needed. You can put me squarely on the side of major reform."


"The chancellor [Joel Klein of NY City] speaks for many, and especially for parents who cannot afford a private school. Consider the example of the Opportunity Scholarship program in Washington, D.C., which serves more than 1,900 children from families with an average income of $23,000 a year. More than 7,000 more families have applied for that program. What they all share is the desire to get their kids into a better school.

Yet Democrats in Congress, including my opponent, Sen. Obama, oppose this program. Not long ago, addressing the American Federation of Teachers, he dismissed public support for private school vouchers for low-income Americans as "tired rhetoric about vouchers and school choice." That went over well with the teachers union, but where does it leave children who are stuck in failing schools?"

What? The candidate of "change" leading us boldly along the status quo? Surely not.

"if Sen. Obama continues to defer to the teachers unions, instead of committing to real reform, then he should start looking for new slogans. "

Maybe he does need new slogans -

Rasmussen Tracking Poll - McCain 47% - Obama 46%

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