Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mama Obama’s Speech

Michelle Obama seems like a nice lady, and having been trained as a lawyer to give public speeches she has above average talent. The problem with her speech and with much of the story that Democrats try to weave is that it leaves out much of reality.

There was an irony in her speech talking about how hard her family worked, how much they scrimped and saved. How her parents made the sacrifice to allow her mother to stay home and take care of her and her brother. How she had lived the American dream. It was a lovely story that interestingly enough left the government completely out of the picture, and revealed it unnecessary for the advancement of a working class girl from the south side of Chicago.

Like a good episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, she pulled at our heartstrings with tales of working class families struggling to make for themselves a better place in the world. Oh how Democrats love to perpetuate the Dickensian myth of old Republican scrooges who will not spare a crumb for the hard working bloke who just cannot catch a break. What is left out of the story is that while many of our nation’s poor are good people, many of our worst people are poor. For every guy out there struggling to get off of drugs and into a job, there’s another savagely beating and robbing elderly women in elevators to buy some more. For every guy sleeping in the park who just needs access to good medication, there’s another who is there just to leer at little girls. When we write blank checks to anyone poor, we help both the dispirited and the depraved. Individuals can decipher and discriminate on the content of character, but government programs do not and cannot. A community cannot rise above poverty when we turn punks into monsters by decoupling moral depravity from its inevitable consequences.

She spoke of justice and fairness. Oh how do politicians love to give to the people, but again they leave out that for every dollar they give they must take one. When you stoke of the flames of class warfare and its jealous cousins, you propose to take two from one to give another by punishing the most productive in society to give to the least.

Open your eyes Mrs. Obama and realize that your family didn’t need the government, nor does the south side of Chicago, nor does America. What they need is for the government to stop interfering with the guiding hand of nature unfettered by men’s pretentious improvements.

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