Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama the Comedian

In the coming days you will see Obama’s poll numbers jump. Then you will see McCain’s jump after the Republican Convention. In two weeks the race will likely be close again, but this does not change Obama’s fate. Obama may have sealed his fate as an easy joke for decades to come. His only hope is that he loses this election.

You see, famous agents of change from Margaret Thatcher to Mao Tse-Tung, had something that Obama does not have, an intellectual movement. His “new ideas” are merely a repackaging of old ideas. He has walked through the salad bar of left wing causes and picked out the greenest leafs of lettuce and the freshest tomatoes, and sprinkled on a little bit of Vacation Bible School and Presto! We have a commercially viable product. There is no “-ism” to describe Obama’s cause because it is a random collection of loose ends.

You must see as well, the President does not rule alone. Since 1994, the wounded jackals of the Democratic Party have been panged by hunger, suffering from their lack of power. They took over Congress in 2006, but they have been waiting for the bigger prize that might be delivered on November 4th: Total Power. They have dreams of 60 seats in the Senate, where no Republican can filibuster. Nothing will stop the massive power grab free for all.

You see, Barack Obama has never accomplished anything remotely mirroring what he believes. In the Illinois legislature he was a minor figure who never successfully battled for any new legislation. He was merely allowed to put his signature on a number of bills. Neither has he accomplished anything important in his time in the U.S. Senate. We saw what a bumbling oaf he was at the Saddleback Civil Forum. Without a prepared speech, he is a mouse of a man. His own party will drag him around by the ear.

You see, as much as we sometimes idealize particular politicians there is one element common to them all: Ambition. Relentless Ambition. Congress is the professional league for people with ambition. These are not your average employees who will toe the boss’s line. Every one of these men has envisioned themselves as President. No man can hope to corral them into servitude. These are not doe-eyed fainters, and it is not just Republican lawmakers snickering at the size of Obama’s ego. He can hope all he wants, but it won’t change human nature. Yes Mr. Obama, I do “dismiss such beliefs as happy talk”.

Barack Obama is comically ill-prepared to pull off his delusions of grandeur. His sentimental movement can not make up for the lack of an intellectual movement. His party’s rise to legislative power can not make up for his lack of legislative talent. If he wins, get ready to laugh.

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