Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stimulus Talk Rises to $1 Trillion

According to Foxnews:

Obama's Economic Advisers Considering $1 Trillion Stimulus Plan

Less than three weeks back I mentioned this:

If anyone is aware of how I can invest in the future size of the coming "stimulus" package that would be great. Just a few weeks ago Obama was suggesting a $150 Billion package. Within that last week I was none too surprised to see Paul Krugman pushing "at least $600 Billion". Now, Obama's advisors are topping them all.

$700 Billion...
That would have been a 43% return in just 19 days!

Just imagine how badly this could effect the economy if they are wrong (which they are). Imagine how much corruption and lobbying is going to go on with this sort of spending spree. This is going to be a mess of historic proportions.

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