Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Michael Williams For Senate

Way back in June of this year, I attended the Republican Party Convention of Texas as a delegate. A number of people gave speeches, some good, some bad, but the person who really caught my attention was Michael Williams. This is what I wrote at the time:

Michael Williams, Texas Railroad Commissioner - Very good! He came across knowing much more than I do about the economics of energy, which is unprecedented in any politician that I have ever heard. Funny, engaging, and persuasive. I hope that he runs for the Senate in 2010 to replace the retiring Hutchinson. The crowd loved him.

Well, now he is running for Senate as announced here. If elected, which it would be hard for him to lose, I fully expect him to quickly rise to national prominence. I'd like to know more about his policy positions, but he came across having a good grasp of free market fundamentals as I recall. I suspect that he will be more stridently pro-market than Kay Bailey Hutchison, of whom I am not a big fan. We shall see.

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