Monday, March 1, 2010

Why We Fear Obama and the Left

From Stan Isaacs at the Philadelphia Inquirer today, speaking on Obama:

He should forget bipartisanship and work with congressional Democrats to name three new justices to the court to meet the challenges he faces.

The whole piece is dedicated to justifying Obama naming three new Supreme Court justices, to lift the total to 12.  Does this man not smell the brimstone on his own breath?  Isaacs even thinks that FDR got a raw deal when public opinion turned against him while trying to pack the court in the 1930's.  This is Hugo Chavez style thinking.  Checks and balances be damned, we need to pass our agenda.

Why are we afraid of Obama and the Left?  Is he a socialist, maybe not.  Is he a communist, maybe not.  The problem with the Left, though, is that they have no logical barriers between themselves and totalitarianism.  Hayek's  Road to Serfdom is the logical flow of their beliefs.

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