Saturday, February 20, 2010

If God Does Not Exist, We Would Need to Invent Him

This morning I had a good conversation with a friend who reads my blog.  He helped me come to this conclusion:

If all reason is a tool for power, and therefore we should be skeptical of all reasoning because its origin can be corrupt and self-serving, then no human philosophy can produce objective truth.  However, if a mind, unaffected by the evolutionary process (or any other process leading to status seeking), produced objective truth claims, those claims could be believed.

Who fits this definition?  Only a supernatural being.

Could this supernatural being, be one of many gods?  Well, if it was, then we might be suspect of its motivations.  Greek mythology tells us of the constant warring in the heavens.  However, if there is one all-powerful, all-knowing God, status could never come into play because there can be no competition.  This God is the only one that can produce objective truth that can be believed.

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