Thursday, January 21, 2010

Debra Medina for Governor of Texas

I have been a fan of my Texas Governor Rick Perry for a long time.  I have voted for him every time, and do not regret any of those votes.  In this coming primary election, I was planning to vote for him again, because Kay Bailey Hutchison has never impressed me beyond having a likeable personality.

However, I looked up Debra Medina, a lesser known candidate, last night after seeing a Rasmussen poll giving her 12%.  I looked at the Issues tab on her website and swooned.  She quotes Frederick Bastiat!  Beyond the self apparent awesomeness of that, it means she reads real books.

In her bio I find that she was a leader in the Ron Paul for President campaign in Texas, and she was also one of those early home school rebels.  That means she's got chutzpah (that means "cajones" to you English speakers).

I'm down with Debra Medina.


Brian said...

Brian, I agree with you 100%. Let's hope others take the time to look at her as well. Scott Johnston.

Phil said...

Medina is the only constitutionalist running. If I lived in TX I'd vote for her. We in Georgia are lucky to also have a 10th Amendment patriot running in the person of Ray McBerry. We would appreciate your helping us get that word out too.

Get em Texas.