Thursday, March 19, 2009

Federal Reserve Cranks It Up a Notch

The Federal Reserve announced yesterday that it was going to buy some assets worth north of $1 Trillion yesterday to pump money into the ailing economy. It will have a temporary expansive effect on the economy, but it also increases the chances of runaway inflation.

The dollar tanked yesterday and gold soared. Oil took a jump as well. These aren't definitive signs of impending inflation, but they will put upward pressure on prices. Everyone should carve out time to think about how to position themselves financially for the possibility that inflation may become a serious problem.

Also note that the metric I often use to look at inflation expectations is the spread between the TIPS and Treasury yields. If you happen to have bookmarked it, you should pay much less attention to it in the near future as the Fed is going to be directly manipulating those rates through Treasury purchases. For now, it is a bogus metric.

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Doug said...

It appears they're still scared to death of deflation.