Monday, May 12, 2008


Sorry there was no new post this past week. I was on vacation, and the house we rented near Red Lodge, MT had no TV and no Internet.

I highly recommend going to this part of Montana. The drive between Red Lodge and Absarokee is a gorgeous twisting road that would be incredible on a motorcycle. After that head on up to Nye to walk some of the "wilderness trail" where the Stillwater river roars through a deep and narrow canyon. My father described it as the best short hike in America. Having been to virtually every national park between New Mexico and Canada, I would have to agree with his assessment.

During the summer Red Lodge is only an hour and a half drive from Yellowstone along the Bear Tooth Pass, which again, is spectacular. The pass was still snowed in last week so we took a different route. Apparently, 400 inches of snow takes a while to melt away.

Check back later this week, for a new post.

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