Monday, May 19, 2008

Hope for School Choice in Florida

An article covering school choice in the Wall Street Journal offers some hope for the rest of the nation regarding school choice. When a tax break for businesses to donate money towards voucher programs for low income students:

"all but one Democrat in the state legislature voted against it. Earlier this month, lawmakers extended the program – this time with the help of a full third of Democrats in the Legislature, including 13 of 25 members of the state's black caucus and every member of the Hispanic caucus."

They also describe the situation in Florida for minorties:

"It's no surprise that poor families would embrace educational options, given that their government-assigned schools are clearly failing their children. The high school graduation rate for black students in Florida is 45% overall, 38% for black males. The 52% graduation rate for Hispanics is also nothing to brag about."

How sad that it took Democrats this long, and the situation had to become this dire, to figure out that school choice is in the best interest of their constituents.

But overall, Good news.

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