Thursday, January 8, 2009

If Only...

If you weren't already aware...

Pam, an American, was working in the Phillipines when she and her husband found out that she was pregnant. Rather frighteningly she had also contracted amoebic dysentery. At one point she slipped into a coma. While recovering she underwent a series of strong medications. Doctors told her that the fetus had been damaged, and recommended an abortion. She chose not to.

Doctors later discovered that her placenta had separated from her uterine wall. Again, they recommended an abortion. She again said no.

Two months later, the child was born. He was malnourished, but mostly healthy. Pam survived with good health. They had called the child "Timmy" from the moment they knew he had been conceived, and now here he was in their arms.

End the end, it's hard to know what will happen to "Timmy", but so far he has exceeded expectations: 2 BCS College Football National Championships and a Heisman Trophy. Pam Tebow shows that sometimes it's better to live than to merely survive.

Oh, and he was homeschooled, from K through 12.

Note - I paraphrased some excerpts from this article at the Gainesville Sun if you want to read more about him.

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dave said...

Good to see you back, great info as always.