Wednesday, November 5, 2008

About My Blog

I have now been writing this blog for about 16 months. In that time, I think that I have grown considerably by the simple compulsion to post. Finding more information, more ideas, and deepening my understanding of economics, has been a fulfilling pursuit. Hopefully, those who have traveled this blog along with me these last months have grown in their own sophistication and understanding of virtue of free markets.

I believe my role as a blogger is to be a bridge. The talent of mine that I exploit is making complex concepts into simple terms. The level of discourse on this blog is still fairly high, but I also send out an e-mail letter with an audience who appreciates simplicity. I hope to get back to some of my more passionate essays more frequent a few months ago.

While I may quote blogs and papers from professional economists, I do not consider my role to be their equivalent. I do simple data analysis from time to time, but I am not an academic and don't want to be held up as an authority on their par.

Having said that, I do ridicule some very intelligent economists from time to time, even ones that I overwhelmingly agree with. Because of this, I invite all the vitriole that the internet has to offer. I try to respond to every message left on my blog. My goal is not merely to speak my beliefs, but to perfect my ability to persuade. If you believe in the virtues of an unfettered market, make me be better. Challenge me whenever you do not understand what I try to explain, and criticize me when my point is inaccurate.

Thanks to all who read, comment, or e-mail.

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