Friday, February 22, 2008

Down on the Border

I had another letter-to-the-editor printed in the Houston Chronicle. The text of it is here –

Mexican President Felipe Calderon's recent decision to begin talking about partially privatizing Pemex provides an enormous opportunity for the United States to achieve progress on immigration and oil dependence. Calderon faces an uphill battle in the fight to allow foreign investment that could, coincidentally, help the United States secure more oil from a stable democratic government. We should help push this legislation over the top by offering a bilateral agreement in which we exchange a larger allocation of work visas or citizenships. This is a unique opportunity to get something more in return for opening our borders to immigrants from Mexico. More secure oil, more jobs for Houston companies and a reasonable compromise to face the realities of immigration.

If you recall, this relates back to my position I stated back in October of last year that part of the solution to immigration is to engage Mexico on a path to economic growth.

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